Starbucks Oleato: The Unsettling Truth About Olive Oil Coffee

Oleato Beverages

A New Addition of Starbucks Oleato Beverages

Starbucks introduced a new line of olive oil-infused coffee drinks, known as Oleato beverages, to select American markets on February 21. The innovative offerings include lattes, shaken espressos, golden foam cold brews, cortados, and even a martini. The key ingredient in these unique concoctions is Partanna cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, which adds a distinct flavor profile to the coffee.

Reports of Stomach Issues Among Customers

Social media platforms, such as Reddit and Twitter, have been buzzing with reports of customers experiencing stomach problems after consuming the Oleato drinks. A Reddit post from a user claiming to be a Starbucks barista ignited the conversation, with numerous others sharing their experiences. Some customers have even gone as far as labeling the Oleato beverages as “laxatives.”

The Science Behind the Oleato Controversy

Olive Oil as a Natural Laxative

It is essential to understand the potential reasons behind the reported stomach issues to determine whether the Oleato drinks are indeed causing digestive discomfort. Olive oil, a key ingredient in these beverages, has long been recognized for its mild laxative properties. In fact, various oils have been used throughout history to alleviate constipation, with castor oil being a popular choice.

Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN, explains that oil can help move stool through the digestive tract, especially in prolonged constipation. She adds that olive oil could have a similar effect, particularly when consumed in larger quantities, such as in venti or grande sizes.

The Combined Effect of Olive Oil and Coffee

Coffee is known for its stimulating effect on the digestive system. When combined with the potential laxative properties of olive oil, the duo may deliver a powerful impact, leading to the reported stomach issues. Largeman-Roth suggests that the effects may be more pronounced when the Oleato beverages are consumed on an empty stomach.

Mixed Reviews: Not Everyone Is Affected

It is essential to note that not all customers are experiencing adverse effects from the Oleato beverages. While some have reported stomach problems, others have praised the drinks for their unique and delicious taste. This indicates that individual reactions to the Oleato drinks may vary significantly, and personal tolerance levels should be considered when trying the beverages.

Recommendations for Oleato Drinkers

If you’re interested in trying the Oleato beverages, it’s essential to approach with caution and consider the potential digestive effects. Start with a smaller size, such as a tall, to gauge your body’s reaction. Additionally, consuming the drink with a meal may be helpful to minimize any potential stomach issues.


Introducing Starbucks Oleato – a Revolutionary New Coffee Ritual

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